"It would be hard to find anywhere a pair of artists more prolific and versatile than…Toza and Ruth Radakovich, who for more that ten years have been delighting gallerygoers and connoisseurs of elegance with their superlative jewelry and splendid sculptures, and who more recently have been thrilling home owners and observers with their exquisite custom-made doors and windows and now kites. The remarkable range and perfection of their magnificent creations make one wonder what the handsome husband and wife duo from Encinitas can't or won't do. Their talents, enthusiasm and curiosity seem to be boundless. Marilyn Hagberg, San Diego Magazine, 1969


"Svetozar Radakovich has achieved an international reputation among connoisseurs of fine contemporary jewelry for the artistic integrity of his designs and his innovative use of materials." Robert McDonald, Metalsmith, 1984


"Ruth and Svetozar Radakovich have been attracting nationwide attention. Their distinctive and challenging approach to jewelry was recognized at the Second National Exhibition of American Jewelry (1956) in which Ruth won the top prize, while Svetozar won honorable mention, and they have since received acclaim in other national and local shows." Rose Slivka, Craft Horizons, 1958